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We provide convenient and dependable air freight services to anywhere in the world for commercial and personal merchandise and luggage.

Air Cargo Services

Shipping via air allows you more accurate freight monitoring and the assurance that your items will arrive on schedule. Customer service is extremely essential to Jassim Shipping & Logistics Qatar Free Zone (QFZ) LLC. Because air freight has fewer handling points than sea or road freight, the danger of loss, theft, or damage is low. Jassim Shipping & Logistics Qatar Free Zone (QFZ) LLC has skilled and qualified personnel to handle a wide range of shipments for a variety of sectors throughout its extensive worldwide network.


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Frequently Asked Questions

All palletized and bulk tank shipping is supported by us. Please contact us if you have any special requests.

Jassim Shipping & Logistics QFZ operates within the norms of the freight forwarding business in each nation. We evaluate our transportation suppliers on a regular basis and only work with competent and experienced carriers.

We take great satisfaction in ensuring that our Carriers are of the highest quality. Before they begin transporting your freight, all carriers are pre-screened and confirmed. We keep track of compliance paperwork and evaluate Carrier performance on a regular basis.

Jassim Shipping & Logistics QFZ is a B2B platform that connects businesses of all types with easily accessible shipments to carrier service firms that are qualified to handle them.

We will notify you once you have been approved as a Carrier.

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