Jassim Shipping & Logistics Qatar Free Zone (QFZ)

General Warehousing

Building 4, RAS BUFONTAS, G-RING ROAD, QATAR FREE ZONE is where our user-friendly, easy-access warehouse is located

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Your items are kept in thoroughly sterilized, safe, and easily accessible facilities that are well protected from the weather.

General Warehousing

Jassim Shipping & Logistics Qatar Free Zone (QFZ) LLC offers customizable storage facilities, making warehousing in Doha, Qatar simple. We offer excellent warehouse and storage facilities to serve our clients, in addition to our skilled crew, office employees, and management. We choose our service partners carefully in places where we do not have our own warehouse and only deal with recognized industry professionals.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We established a warehouse network to link consumers who need storage space with organizations who can offer it, as well as fulfillment services if needed. The platform includes the following features by default: searching for locations, seeking quotes, drafting agreements, creating inbound and outgoing shipments, and stock and invoicing management.

You are the one who pays us. We lighten the load for you. Weekly, we give you an invoice for all storage and fulfillment services that you have ordered. As a result, we become your single point of contact for all of your warehouse-related questions, which is quite convenient!

Our platform includes a warehouse management solution that allows you to see and manage your inventory across several facilities. As you specified, the product code and name are used by this system.

Before warehouse space is made accessible to you under security supervision, our warehouse partners are inspected to guarantee that their facilities fulfill our quality criteria.

Due to safety and liability concerns, physical entry to the warehouse is not permitted. Access to conduct a stock audit is permitted, but it must be requested and prepared ahead of time. To schedule this, please contact us.

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